9 février 2015


1/ Call Me Daddy (Luca CBG, William, Polo PAR)
2/ Hugo Who ? (Dodi BUD, xMorgainx LYN, Alex PAR)
3/ Macadam Cowboy (Tony CEN, Floris NAN, Hugo PAR)
4/ Megadrive (Q, Clement, Tomas GVA)
5/ V (Josh CBG, Moritz FRA, Emmet LDN)
5/ Les Chefs (Greg PAR, Woods, Pierre-Maximilien ROU)
7/ Témoilesnichons (Vincent, Gatien, Quentin ANN)
7/ Pelagia (Madej, Maciek, Pajac KRK)
9/ Los Bigotes (Brice BRU, Damien, Julien MTP)
9/ Cactus (Quentin NAN, Nicolas, Quentin ROU)
9/ Eeels (EdoB, EdoA ITA, Enrico VI)
9/ Raccoons (Guillaume, Louis, Antoine BDX)
13/ Big Massive Hairy Tits (Kropa, Johnny, Dave DUB)
13/ RFM (Rene PAR, Fred, Guillaume ROU)
13/ Mojo (Jojo GVA, Cathal MTP, Le TOU)
13/ Les Gamins (Fabrice, Gabin, Adam ROU)

Thanks a lot Rouen ! As usual you know how to organise a tournament and host us !!
Love you all ! 

6 février 2015


What a film !! 
Amazing portrait of the french BMX rider, Gervais Rousseau. Made with lot of sincerity and emotion. Such a pleasure to watch this film. Well done guys !!!

A WAY OF LIFE - Gervais Rousseau from invert production on Vimeo.

3 février 2015


Last sunday our friend Matthieu organized a Running Trail and a Cyclo Cross close to Paris, in Bois de Boulogne. Since one year he used to organise events for Parisians riders. Matthieu aka Mattews aka Bigtakeover aka Kurt Cohen is that kind of guy who never stop to laugh and say stupid things, that's why everybody like him here ! 

So, it was quiet normal to take part of his event. Not to ride of course, but to take picture. It was rainy and windy but friends were there with their smile and sens of humour ! 
I think that I developed a mud passion since ! 

Next, Matthieu's write-up and pictures.

«Circling The Drain:someone for whom death is impending and yet continues to cling to life»

Sunday, february 1st 2015, it’s 9am in Paris at Les Pelouses de la Muette, it’s in the sun I start setting up the race circuit for Circling The Drain. The minutes tick and clouds are coming, the first runners arrive around 10.30 and warm up by spotting the course. The wind begins to blow, it’s time to start the running trail race to the 15 runners before the got cold. Let’s go for 1h running on a bold and muddy track. At each laps I can see some smiles and mud covering shoes and legs, some small packs are created, we can notice the leaders and those who save energy. 10 minutes left, the rhythm gets faster until the podium: 
1st : Laura Riouallec
2nd : Chloé Schneider
3rd : Marion Louvenez
1st : Mathieu Badier
2nd : Philippe Albinet
3rd : Thibaut Rivière
And then, the cyclocross race, let’s have some rain to make everything the course harder before it starts. Well, it’s 2.15pm, there are 16 riders ready to turn over the ground trampled earlier this morning, here we go again for 1h!! At the first laps, we can guess that it looks tough, heavy bold mud, cold wind, it’s painfull, flat tires, derailleurs problems, some have to give up, meanwhile, a bunch of 5 riders overflies the track in another dimension until the end, which confuses me at counting the laps. Annoncing the final lap was crucial for me because I could read the pain on their face, so good!!
1st and only girl: Céline Lallement
1st: Charles Barbillon

2nd : Vincent Maille
3rd: Sven Soljacic / Julien Eko (confusion, sorry)

Circling The Drain general podium (running+cyclocross):
1st: Sven Soljacic
2nd: Thibaut Rivière
3rd : Nathan Favereau  
I held Circling The Drain by passion for amateur cyclocross, and adding this sport which fascinate me : running trail. Through this event, I wanted to share important values to me: Nature: this is where we feel free, far from the rules and the aggressive urban life; healthy diet: to suggest a energy juice 100% and alcohol free with vegetarian cakes; pushing the mental limits during the exercise : the combination of these two sports in one event; and the DIY culture : is that “bike punk”?!
Congratulation to all the participants, thank you to those who came to encourage them, those who took some pictures. I want to thank especially the sponsors for the goodies : Rocknrollin Cycling Team, Hpa, Warsaw Cycling, Steel Magazine, and the nutritional partners: East Side Burgers and Matahi Juice.
See you in spring!

Web: http://circlingthedrainrace.blogspot.fr/
Email: circlingthedrainrace-a-gmail.com
Instagram: bigtakeover
More pictures by here.


7 janvier 2015


The last Red Hook in Milan was the last opportunity til next year for everybody to meet friends from more than 15 countries all over the world.
For the first time since one year my only job was to take time with my friends and chill. The day before the race, Marc from Steel Magazine asked me to get an interview of Kelli Samuelson. That interview gave me the opportunity to spend time with her and learning more about her life. It was really really cool to talk between girl.

The rest of the day was dedicated to hang out and pictures with my Catz'n shit crew and with the Canadians homies... The rest of the day will be soon on No Life Like This Life website with more pictures that I took with their old school camera. 

More photo by here.