3 juillet 2013


Many thanks to EHBPC 2013 Kraków for your host. This week-end was an amazing Bike Polo time.

Congrats to everybody for your game and your passion 
Thanks my friends to allow me to live it with you!

Special big-up to CALL ME DADDY and Edisons for those 2 awesome finals and at the incredible MVPiks!

Special dedicace: to my flatmate, the Lhooks, to Los bigotes hasta las rodillas for the Bigostisation of my staturday night, to We Are Animals - Bike Polo WAA and their t-shirt, to the True Danger for your kindness

Warlocks and all the others french teams, vous m'avez régalé !

And of course, congrats to all the others teams for your results.

Here full results.

1st Call Me Daddy (Greg, William Paris, Paul TOU)
2nd Edisons (Moritz, Piks GVA, Eddy MUN)
3rd Spring Break - The bike polo team (Jon, Adam, Ryan LDN)
4th Lhooks (Manuel GVA, Florent, Quentin ROU)
5th Histoire Fraiche Gros (Alex, Anthony TOU)
5th True Danger (luca CBG, Alex, Hugo Paris)
7th Apollo 3 (Maciek WAW)
7th BAM! (Dodi BUD)
9th Dionysos (Romain, Matthieu, Benjamin MTP)
9th Warlocks (Rob BDX, Floris NAN, Sebastien Paris)
9th We Are Animals (Salvo, Morgan LYN)
9th Power Rangers (Max FKB, Robert HAM, Philipp HAN)
13th 50 Shades of Daverage (Chris, Jamie ESH, Dave LDN)
13th Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition (Jordi BCN, Mickael BDX, Sebastian LDN)
13th Instinct (Clemens, Christopf, Lukas GIE)
13th Nacional II (Adam, Rik BLN)
17th Psycho Tropy (Mateusz BLN)
17th BamOida (Florian HAN, Florian MST, Phil MUN)
17th Bambule (Danny, Daniel, Nico BLN)
17th Guilty Pleasure (Kropa, Johnny DUB)
17th Dead Rappers (Max CBG, Brendan LDN, David Paris)
17th Gettin Wild (josh, Hayden, Lee CBG)
17th Les Chevals (Grégory, Tristan, Kostia PRP)
17th Lone Eagle (Edoardo, Edoardo, Francesco VCZ)
25th Mère Michel (Xavier, Tony, Germain CEN)
25th Tres Locos (Fin BIR, Antonio, Ben LDN)
25th The Beardless (Mateusz, Marcin, Mateusz KRK)
25th Bike Pollo (Federico, Marco, Pasquale CAT)
25th Depth Charge (Alastair, Cameron, Ed LDN)
25th East London Arms Spain 3 (Alejandro BCN, Mayeut, Sean LDN)
25th We Love Llorett ()
25th Bisons (Gabor, David, Luca BUD)

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